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MSP Fitness and Nutrition

Who is MSP(Michelle) ?

My background, 

I am Michelle, a certified personal trainer. I am also a healthy eating and life coach in west Edmonton. 


Until 2010, I was completely inactive, and never went to the gym or dieted.  I was sky unhappy and an unhealthy 232 pounds. I went to the gym one Friday night and did the elliptical for 30 mins.  I loved it so much, the following Sunday I went back and did cardio again, the staff suggested I hire a personal trainer. So I booked in and met with her a week later. I signed up for 3 sessions a week and within a year I lost 100 pounds.  I did it by eating right and exercising. I wasn't dieting or on any plan.  I became happy healthy and able to do things that I couldn't do before. 

Once I had lost the weight, I wanted to help people the way my trainer helped me change my life. So I got my Canfitpro Personal Trainer certificate in April 2012, and my healthy eating certificate in 2017, and this year(2021) I completed my life coach certificate.. 

Over the years I have completed multiple courses including: 

  • TRX
  • CPR/standard first aid
  • core conditioning
  • Strong by Zumba,
  • Balletone
  • and Barre Above Pilates. 

I am always improving my skills. Currently, I am talking bodybuilding,  Corrective exercise, and Sport Nutrition. 

 I enjoy running and completed multiple half marathons.  I am currently staying in shape by prep for the Las Vegas Marathon 2022 and a photoshoot in May. 

for more information you can reach me at:

[email protected] 

780 932 7850 (call or text)

If you require information click the link below to connect to me.  

Client Success 

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1 hr session

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1 session per week x4

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2 session per week x 4 weeks

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My Services (Online or in person)

Before signing up all clients get a free 60 min consultation in person or online.

1 on 1 Personal Training (my apartment) with a new equipment or online starting

$55.00/per session

Monthly packaging billed on the first

4/per month(once a week) $160.00CAD

8/per month(two per week) $300.00CAD

12/per month(three per week) $400.00CAD

Unlimited sessions( 4 or 5) $600.00CAD

Partner Training


Group Training


Weekly Nutrition Coaching

Weekly Macro Coaching

Weekly Fitness Coaching

All coaching $150.00 per month

Complete Fitness and Nutrition Programming.

Life Coaching : $40.00 a session